Like it?(.295)

So who likes the new scanner?

I give it :-TU (:s*) (:m*) (:a*) (:m*) (:s*)

39563 Files scanned(no probs) excellant ;D

I like the new scanner and no problems here.

It’s FAST !. But I can’t launch it from my firewall menu. When I press a link for scan - nothing. But it did scanned my computer after I did a clean install :SMLR As I said before - congrats to Comodo on this one. (:CLP) Now there’s a long and hard way of development (B)

same here, can’t launch scanner from firewall menu plus cant’t access the help files and the “what do these settings do?”…other than that it’s ok. A bit disappointed really because i wasn’t expecting those sort of bugs…maybe they will fix it in the next build.

Seems to affect only Vista PC’s so far 88).

Now don’t start flames that Vista is ■■■■ ! (:LGH) (it is, sometimes - like NOW ! ) (:LGH)

Not this Vista PC. Scans fine with Vista Ultimate. :slight_smile: If you turn off UAC.

Works OK here too with Vista Home Premium.

I did a clean install, Scanned 100 000 files in 15 mins.

However, Only problem is when clicking in Comodo’s main GUI to “Scan My Computer” It wont work.

Running Vista Basic.


??? the scanner won’t work on XP ???

:frowning: >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

(:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP)

All working fine for me on XP home, clean install. Scanner launches OK & help files OK, too.
Nice quiet firewall, no slow down in booting or closing PC.
Running Avira PE Premium, Comodo BOClean, no other real time security.

Early days yet, but for this user, there do not appear to be any bugs.

Try a clean install of CFP instead of an update and report back.

The scanner is quite fast, but it gives LOADS of false positives, especially some trainers and old DOS files (old games) i have. It needs working but it’s a great addition.

I’ll gladly help the new AV, just tell me how i can send those false positives and to whom. (:WIN)

I have a folder with my lovest good old dos/win95-games, and every .exe and .com file in this directory is infected. And the funniest is thing that anti-malware scanner gave different name for every “infected” file. But, no matter what, (R).

Become a A-VSMART Warranty subscriber ;D


that’s actually a question.haven’t try it (:TNG)

Sorry. I guess Martians are the exception ???

installation went smoothly (:CLP)
one problem, i ticked “…interested in A-VSMART warranty…USD***” and there’s no “back” option 88) now i have to pay ??? how ???
errr, can someone explain to me about this A-VSMART warranty ? i don’t really get it.

[i]Be Sure Your Computer Is Protected – Now and In The Future

Comodo’s A-VSMART Warranty shields you from the cost, risk and complexity of removing any Virus, Spyware, Malware, Rootkit or Trojan (known collectively as malware) from your computer.

Comodo Firewall Pro with the A-VSMART Warranty* provides the most comprehensive and affordable malware protection ever offered, now and into the future.

so, what exactly this A-VSMART warranty is? CFP3+malware removal assistance package?

You downloaded from the official page yet you didn’t read it :-?

Here’s the link in case you forgot it:

Do we need to screenshot it for you as well?

BTW, did you have to reboot twice like some have reported?

yeah, but i still don’t understand. we pay for A-VSMART warranty & we’ll get malware removal assistance in case we’re infected ???
so what about the option that i ticked during installation ??? i ticked it, but nothing happened.

[i]Why Comodo A-VSMART Warranty?
Expertise On Call

* Computer security experts are certified to perform all services
* Thorough PC malware evaluation and removal

Peace of Mind

* PC-based malware removal provided without additional cost
* Less frustration and downtime – malware elimination is a complex business
* Less chance that your personal information is compromised or lost as a result of malware problems


* Comodo technicians are available around-the-clock
* Remote access and malware removal service allows you to sit back, relax and let Comodo do the work for you.


nah, no double reboot.