i love comodo so far. (:LOV) i had zone alarm which was opaque and illogical to me. its shape was trees in a forest sharing branches, but you coudl never see which ones or where they joined. then outpost, which is mean and restrictive.

now at last, open, honest, entirely flexible and welcoming, very pretty to look at, cosy comodo (:HUG)

i feel like booting up just to play with it and enjoy its nice colours and gemlike icons.
now all i have to do is understand how it all fits together…but i love the layers concept- my stuff in comodo may be made of many parts, but its shape is fundamentally simple; the logic is there. I BELIEVE (:CLP)

Hi THD, and welcome to Comodo Forums!
It’s great that you like CPF, and if you like it… YOU’RE GONNA LOVE CPF 3 ;D
And I agree, ZoneAlarm has no logic :wink: