light blue tick on task bar screen and the BoClean closes?

Three times in the last two days I have had problems with BoClean crashing. The first time it happened I noticed what looked like a light blue tick or checkmark filling the icon screen and then the icon disappeared from my task bar. I couldn’t get it to start again so I downloaded a new version and after uninstalling the old one I reinstalled it. It has worked fine since yesterday until approx 10 mins ago when the same thing happened a light blue tick fills the little icon screen and then the screen disappears from my task bar. This time I was able to restart it from the my program list but wonder what is causing it to happen?.

Hi bluesjunior :slight_smile:

  • What are you exacty seeing ?

When the taskbar icon turns blue, BOClean is examining processes, threads and dependencies.
When you see a checkmark in the taskbar icon, BOClean has just finished updating the signature database.

  • What does the Windows Event Viewer report ?

Greetz, Red.

Thanks for the reply Rednose,
It isn’t that itermittent flashing that tells you BoClean is working. The three times it has happened it was real quick but seemed to be the yellow and red part on the right hand side of the icon that turned bright blue just before it crashed.

I am not really experienced with the event viewer but what I found in the same time frame was in the Security section around that time I had a series of audit failures under the heading Event ID 529 the reason was given as “Unknown User Name or Bad Password”, it had something to do with the Microsoft Authentication Package and there was a series of 17 of the same event id in the period 18:04:50 to 19:01:48 our time.

In System for the same time frame I get these constant Rasman errors which I have had since the last reformat. I tried once unsuccessfully to find a solution to them but the fix didn’t work and as it has given me no obvious problems in my day to day use I have just left it alone. Having had the Rasman errors for so long I don’t think they are to do with it but the ID529 ones in the Security one are new.
Not sure if this makes sense to you or not appreciate your help though.

Hi there … I’ll bet what you saw really WAS a checkmark, but instead of being on top of the usual “screen” icon which normally sits there, it had turned into a blue GLOBE (like the old Internet Explorer icon) with a CYAN-colored checkmark on top of it. That indicates that a download of an update had just occurred and was “successfully downloaded.” That’s what that “checkmark” is supposed to mean. Once an update is downloaded, it is then moved from the “%TEMP%” location (we don’t allow direct overwriting of the database) and copied to the proper location.

Once that is done, BOClean goes into a reset mode where it goes BACK to that blue “screen of a monitor” icon but it’s blue and remains that way for a few seconds as the database is tested, loaded and then BOClean goes through everything again with the new database.

From what you describe, it sounds as though somehow that download got corrupted by a bad download. The disappearance is an unusual condition where the download was SO bad that it apparently crashed the internal unpacker as BOClean normally should put up a “crash” box to get your attention rather than going away entirely. Something went wrong with the download therefore.

To restore BOClean (hopefully, if there isn’t something else on there interfering perhaps) go to the start menu, “all programs” and look for the COMODO grouping of programs. Once in there, look for BOClean’s grouping and then finally “updater.” Click on that and you should receive a MANUAL update of the database which will hopefully go properly. Once done, BOClean should work again … let us know. :slight_smile:

Hi Kevin, thanks for the reply. I did as you asked and it tells me I have the latest update. I think it has just been a glitch or something as it has been working ok ever since. If it happens again I will report it.

GLAD to hear that! Over most of BOClean’s history, we handled the downloads with FTP protocol which absolutely ensures a successful download. Alas, we now do it HTTP and that’s always been flaky in Windows because it doesn’t really check even if it thinks it really downloaded. But in the event of something like that, correcting the bad download is the solution.