Lifting Comodos profile

As a user of comodo can see it has great potential. Savvy Users will understand that it is an ongoing work in progress. I recommended it to many and also on newsgroups mail outs etc.
Interesting fact Thos that have adopted firefox LOVE IT The IE users hate it .
Drilling down to the IE users reaction to this excellent product -it appears it is not EASY for them

Some cant even use this forums search facility to find the ANNOYING AVG or THUNDERBIRD conflict solution.
So means you have two two kinds of markets as potential on whom to concentrate upon.

My gut feeling is you are trying to be all things to all people --= HUGE workload and perhaps have to decide to whom BEST pitch your product at .

Now soem in the spirit of constructive suggestions

Perhaps it is folly or at best unwise to really start pushing the magazines and polls etc Until this product matures JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE -
Example we are forced to view this forum in IE as I cant get it to work in firefox when having both on same machine ? If there is a solution then make it a sticky subject PROMINATE within the forum

2 The firefox community is a little more savvy than say the new IE users ( which ironiclly) needs a product like this more than firefox. IE people get used to EASY GUI no matter how many holes and flaws it has in it or how long it takes microsoft to patch holes & soforth.

As an assistance our community here in Australia would like to help promotion using things like
a slighty better LOGO for identity. I showed your corporate image to soem marketing collegues
and they went yes is good IF YOU ALREADY have found the product "“but it is not a grabber”

What came out of a brain storning session on your behalf was an image of a Comodo DRAGON

You will notice it is spelt with a K youirs is with a C so no copyright problems already
So may be an option as com is secured by this person

Other vertical integration partner may be the folks at SKYPE

AS the MD of comodo it is obvious you care by your presence on this forum.
Certainly many of us here in Australia are willing to help and very aware of just how big your task is
thus a few networks are on your side and will work with you to push the product while you work to develop it to a more robust ,intuitive and mature product.

But already we can see the potential of this being a great product. But until it is fine tuned a bit ( it is almost there) and corporate focus is defined slightly more on ■■■■ for buck via a freebie logic ( worked well for zone alarm ) AND AVG your on a winner -EVENTUALLY – we are here to help and the meter is not running on our costs
Well done and thanks for a good product even with its rough edges.
Look forward to youir Private message

Hi philc,

It is odd that you cannot view this forum using Firefox. I am currently typing this message to you using Firefox and am sure that there are many other users here who use Firefox. Perhaps there is something wrong with your installation or options?

Yours truly,

Hello - This site is OK for me using Firefox. Also OK using K-Meleon, another Gecko-based browser.

Just reading the opinion about the logo. I think something based on the letters in the name is better than a dragon. The existing presentation works quite well in my humble opinion.

The almost universal symbol for Internet security is a shield, so perhaps if anything is to be changed, one of those could be incorporated into the logo somewhere. A shield with flames around it instantly symbolises a firewall for me. The one used for the uninstall icon (when viewed large on the Desktop) along with ‘C.O.M.O.D.O’ could only mean a firewall called Comodo.

Hi and welcome to the forums,

I also have no problem with FireFox and IE on the machine. Can you give more details of the problem?