Life for BOC 4.25

Is it ok to continue using BOC 4.25 and if so, how long will 4.25 remain functional before it’s necessary to install 4.26?

The current plan is to let it continue being supported until around the middle of May. Unlike the previous release, there is no emergency basis for its release, but at the same time, supporting an older version will leave folks with less coverage than the newer version provides. What we will do is about a week or so before its demise, there will be a popup within 4.25 advising users that it’s time to upgrade, and then on the day or so before we stop updating it, there will be a “final notice” that it is now “obsolete.” Those still on the old PSC “notification email” list can expect an email in advance of this date as well.

We’re looking over any complaints right now on what I refer to as our “sunspots and acne” list … definition of that being "whatever program is LAST installed is blamed for all anomolies on a system ranging from being blamed for everything “from sunspots to acne” in which I personally track down the causes of complaints in order to be certain that there’s nothing wrong with the release. Once that’s determined, THEN it’s time to kill the older version and have people move on. Unfortunately, still in the middle of THAT. :slight_smile:

At the moment, only one really weird one outstanding which might be our fault. Going to work on that one now.

Hey Kevin,
I remember the old days and typically the older version was allowed to hang around a bit so I was hoping it was still so. It’s really great seeing you posting here lately. Thanks so much for responding so quickly.
And, thank you Melih and Comodo for supporting this awesome software. (:CLP)
Regards, planet