thank you for a great product :-TU one question, on install i did not get free license, can you help please, thank you ???

Please check if Internet is available on the server. Then restart CESM Server in the CESM Configuration Tool. You will get a free license automatically .

hello, i have tried, what you said, it stills is using the beta license, and gives a error message, about that, thank you, :-TU

Do you use the latest version 2.0.41221.1 ? If yes, probably it is an issue related with migration from beta… Please send me a private message with error screenshot and your OS type. Sorry for inconvenience.

hello, i have sent you a private message, thank you

If you are installing the release product on the same server machine as the beta, the free license in the software will not activate due to the presence of the old license. Please send us a private message if this is an issue for you.


I own a free license of Server 2008 R2. I have 1 copy of it on my home pc, and I’d like to choose Comodo to protect it. I have read carefully Comodo web site and yet I want to verify,

Is Comodo Endpoint Security Free if I use it on my home PC? Or is it trial for 1 year only?

Thank you very much.


I want to try CESM, so I installed version 2.0 on our server. It gives me free 3 pc licence and told me there is update avaliable. I uninstall 2.0 and install 2.1. Everything vorks great accept for one small problem. There is no mo free licence available. It is show no licence. Is any way to restore free licence for 3 PC? I didn’t use it even for one day :(.


You problem occured because ESM 2.0 that you installed earlier is a release version and ESM 2.1 you tried later is a BETA. Release and beta versions of ESM have different license keys and uninstalling ESM 2.0 from your server didn’t clean ESM 2.0 license key - it has to be done manually. So now you have a server with ESM 2.1 installed but 2.0 license key still in place.

At this point you have 2 options: either uninstall ESM 2.1 and reinstall ESM 2.0 to continue using ESM 2.0 OR unistall ESM 2.1, clean either C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\COMODO folder or C:\ProgramData\COMODO folder depending on your Windows version and install ESM 2.1 again to be able to use ESM 2.1 BETA.

Please inform us about your decision and progress.

I uninstalled ESM 2.1 and deleted all files in C:\ProgramData\COMODO folder. Then I installed ESM 2.1 again. Now I have 30 day free licence so I can take look for your another great program. Thanks Denmihalich for your help. BTW I prefer 3 PC / one year than 100 PC / one month free-time licence. But it’s for testing use so I understand that ;).