licence requiered to use cis 10?

Alllo im usig cis 10 beta and i have 10 days in the signture icon to use the product now i have a orange warning saying i have activate licence to keep using the product serious this is a beta yet does someone could clarify this please thank you! and also when i clic fix buton it shows me a red error

I edited a typo in the topic title. Eric

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That is very strange, there should be no required license even for the non-beta of CIS as it is free software unless you purchase PRO. Try changing the default language to English in the UI and restarting Comodo to see if it is still there, if not then it is a bug with the language displaying that.

it is happening to me too;msg839384#msg839384

i think its about pro version of cis. i see in your picture the pro version.

The license requirement with CIS v10 is due to Secure Shopping not being free with this release. This is now going to be free and included with the next CIS v10 release.
We are just waiting…