Licence Key

Hi Melih. I installed Comodo a couple of weeks ago and it’s working extremely well. I can’t recall receiving a licence key. I did have my email programme set to delete anything that looked like “spam” so that may have been the problem. The programme seems to work without the licence key but I expect you need my details for reference. Could you please email my licence key?
Regards Gordon.


you can go ahead and request it again and pls make sure not to delete it when it comes this time :slight_smile:


Hi !

I have used CIS for a few years and I would wish to use it completely because I find it really interesting and powerful.
Is this possible to obtain a free licence key ?


If you’ve used CIS for a few years, you will already know it’s free.

Locking this post because it’s four years old, and not even about CIS…