Libre Open Office v4 installer.

It’s a standard msi installer yet every time I try to run it, CIS sandboxes it.

It doesn’t matter how many times I add it to “Trusted”, the only way I was able to run the installer was to disable BB. Just seems a little odd.

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In the previous thread, there is a download link (safe) to the new setup file of Apache Open Office 4.0. It is unrecognized by comodo. Also the executive files are not recognized, if I try to add the Vendor to the Safe list it says the executable has not a valid certificate signature… Casn you help??? Grin
Found it:in BB settings, add shell code injection exception, I added the folders of Open Office 4 and 3… Wink
I think everything is fine now, I removed the exception folders back to normal and Open Office v.4 is running normally with BB set at blocked and HIPS at safe mode! :wink:

Once installed, the program itself runs for me with no problems on my usual CIS settings (Auto-Sandbox; Blocked/HIPS; Safe Mode).

I just don’t get why the BB would continually block the msi installer despite my adding it to my Trusted Files list.

The installer is not recognized as “safe file” in the cloud. Hence, it is classified “unrecognized”. As long as comodo doesn’t put it as a “safe” file after extended analysis, it will be “unrecognized”. That is if it’s compared to the cloud. The executables then have no certificate signature so it can’t be put in the TVL!
So to install the update, you must rely on you (which is not safe!) knowing (?) it can’t be malware and that it is a safe program…or trust comodo until it has done the analysis you’ve asked them to do in their forum by submitting the file. What I don’t get is why we must always go through this scheme although it’s a well known program (basic) from a well known company! 88)

The problem is solved now. The OO v. 4 installer should be recognized as “safe” file in the cloud by now and it is no longer “unrecognized” as they carefully checked and analyzed it. Thanks Comodo!!! :smiley: