Less resource taking.

!ot! First of all, i don’t want to blame Comodo since i love it so much + i think there was a lil bit of my own fault there. But this is the situation.
So i got Left 4 Dead yesterday and played it for few hours, shutted down my pc, went to the city to get some goodies for a nice evening of playing L4D with my friends. Worked fine BUT. I was about to quit when the clock aproached midnight. Comodo Antivirus started to scan right when the clock hit 00.00. Two mintues after that my PC went haywire. Whole PC started to heat up and Speed fan alerted me about that. Next thing i know when i was trying to fix the situation was that my screen went balck and my PC shutted down. My internet connection went down also because it’s cable connected to my PC. No power=No connection. Anyways, i tried to restart it. The lights inside the powerbutton flashed and then nothing. Power was going to the system but it would not start. Placed my hand over the PC where the powersource or what it was is located. Hot as h*ll. Asked my dad to help since i was scared that my powersource was busted. We opened the PC and looked at things, too kout cables and stuff, started the PC few times and everytime it was the same thing. Lights flashed, fans twitched and then nothing. Well i accidently took off the cable connecting my nvidia Geforce 8800 GT (I will miss that :cry: ) to my motherboard and then tried on to put on the computer. And it started. I could not believe my eyes. Connected the graphicscard back to motherboard and tried to turn on the power. No response. Took it off again and the computer was working. Attached, no response.
SO. By the looks of this, i could say for a 99% sureness that my graphicscard is shortcirquited/and/or/busted in other way. Either the L4D was too heavy for it (But i think it was not since i played it 4 hours before going to the city again and after that for 2 hours) or Comodo Antivirus scan took too much resources from my processor=L4D and my graphicscard were left with a little too little attention=the computer crashed and 8800 GT went broken. But how could this be possible since my processor is Intel Quad Core and it is suppsoed to be able to handle even that size of amounts of resources.
In any case, i luckily had another, not as good though, graphics card integrated in my motherboard so i can do basic stuff with my computer. But playing games like L4D? Not before i get a new graphics card.

So, if this was caused because the processor was overloaded by the amount of info coming from L4D and Comodo Antivirus, could you please try to somehow make Comodo Antivirus to be a little bit more gentle to our processors and PC’s? :ilovecomodo: :comodo110:

comodo internet security scans cannot ruin your graphic card
your graphic card fan must have stopped working and because of that the graphics card got heated the speed fan software alerted you and your computer crashed because your graphics card got short circuited due to excess of heat
check this link it will make you understand in a simple manner what exactly happened

hope you understood what i meant to tell you

This has nothing to do with CIS. This is a hardware issue caused by most likely your graphics card. Normally operating your computer at full load should not cause cooling/heat problems.