Left panel for bookmarks?


Any chance of providing a left panel for bookmarks like in Firefox?

You mean like in Opera?That had it first… :wink:

Hi wolfeye,
The below extension might help, a search of the Chrome Web Store might find other similar extensions.
Bookmarks Side Panel

Chrome did have this for a while, it was experimental code, but not enough people tried the experimental feature so google decided to drop it … And so it never made it into any of the chrome forks like Dragon either.

If you open a new tab, and put chrome://flags/ in the address bar, that page is where you could set it.
( Be careful what you enable / disable there unless you understand what you are doing )
Its gone now though.

Unless you knew about that you had nothing obvious to tell you there was an experimental feature you may be interested in …

So the only people who tested it were probably very few, and did not give enough demand indication to google that maybe a lot more people may actually prefer it 88).
I liked it personally, especially on a laptop screen where vertical space is always far less than horizontal space. Just about all web sites I look at on a laptop have excess space at the sides, these forum pages we are typing into only take up about two thirds of the horizontal screen space.

May be now Opera starts using Chrome/Blink that may get started again… Hoping…