Leasing a Win 2003 Server -- Will Endpoint provide a good Firewall?


I have three questions:

  1. I’m leasing a remote Windows 2003 Server and am wanting to put a good firewall on it. I tried the Comodo Personal Firewall and had a lot of trouble, especially with RDP, and finally had to uninstall it. I’m wondering if Endpoint would provide a good firewall and virus control for this server, without causing connection or other problems. I connect to the server with an RDP connection from a remote client.

  2. Does Endpoint need the SQL Database to function as a firewall and anti-virus? Can it run without database? (I don’t have any need for it other than on the server).

  3. If Endpoint requires a database, will it operate with SQL Server Compact? Id like to not load the server with unnecessary tasks.

Thank you.

The purpose of the ESM is to centrally manage FW/AV/DiskE for multiple machines. It’s the same software that you would get for the personal except the ESM controls it on various machines. And yes it requires SQL. You can use SQL Express which is free from Microsoft.

One more question for you. Is your server behind a hardware firewall? If so, you will want to set a rule to forward RDP to your box. Also allow RDP in Comodo as well either by the application or port 3389.

I do believe that Comodo make a good Firewall/AV.

No, the 2003 server is not behind a hardware firewall.

Yes, I understand the purpose of Endpoint is to manage the COmodo setup on network clients…but on its own…on the server, does it have Firewall that protects the server itself?