Learning...and making mistakes,lol

I’ve just started using Comodo,and so it’s still going through the ‘learning’ stage and I’m getting the “allow”/ “block” boxes up. I inadvertantly clicked the ‘block’ box when i was posting a reply in one of my msn groups, and now it wont allow me access to the reply page. Is there any way to tell comodo now to allow it? I can’t remember the ‘mumbo-jumbo’ file name that came up when i accidently blocked it.

welcome to your forum valwad

here’s a related thread: https://forums.comodo.com/help/quick_way_to_unblock_an_application_once_blocked_resolved-t7600.0.html

so open Application Monitor and delete the block rule on that mumbo-jumbo filename (I’m sure you’ll recognize it one shape, form, or another ;)). you’ll also need to restart MSN. a reboot may be necessary if even after that fails.