learn parent mode

i have noticed that the mode “learn parent” does not stay for a long time for any application ! In fact, after setting the rules the way i want (learn parent for all), CPF change this setting to “specify a parent” by itself, without any change by myself.
So, despite of the rules i have recorded, i need to change them quite often to re-set “learn parent” (and of course, i have the borring popup messages for things i thought they were set!).
Any one here concern by this ?
thank you.
I must add that “alert frequency” is set to “very high” and all analysis features on (i want to know what is exactly going in and out).


So, nobody noticed lost of settings in CPF ?

“Learn parent mode” does not stay set for me and CPF ask for things that have already been set !

Very annoying problem ???

Thank you for any answer.

I haven’t noticed any loss of settings. Are you sure that the pop ups are EXACTLY the same?
I have my alert frequency level set at default LOW.


Here after are some details about my problem.

  1. I create a rule for the application MAXTHON as :
    destination : any
    protocol : TCP Out
    port : 80,8080,443,3128

2)Some day later, i have a popup window about :
destination : XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
protocol : TCP Out
port : 80

I can’t understand why CPF alert me for this kind of traffic ! So, my rules for this application MAXTHON aren’t so clear they should be (see screen copy below).

All controls are ON and alerts VERY HIGH, all security features are ON.

I took MAXTHON for example but this occur with others application as well.

Any help ?


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First, i really don’t know why you get those pop ups. :o
Second, if you don’t want too many pop ups, you can lower your “alert frequency level” to default, low.
You can also check the “do not show any alerts for application certified by Comodo”.
Have you scanned for known applications (security/tasks)?
Did you have component monitor ON or in Learning? Try to change that, and click remember when you get pop ups. Usually you start with learning for a while, and then switch it to On.
There is a known issue with CPF that will produce some strange pop ups, but Comodo is working on it.
I did read that you wanted to have control, but don’t forget that you will be safe with default Low in alerts. You can uncheck that “do not show alerts for applications certified by Comodo”, if you want more control. Just play around, and find your best way to use CPF. Hopefully Comodo will find a solution for the pop up issues. Sorry I couldn’t help you.

Excuse me. i might be way outta line here, but why do you have to create a TCP Out rule for the Maxthon browser when one of Comodos default (built-in) rules allows ALL TCP/UDP traffic outbound, to any port on any destination IP? Have you removed that ruler?


In fact, i think CPF has a problem with “remember” when all features are ON (including NOT “do not show alerts for certified applications”).

So, for the moment, i think i’ll activate “do not show alerts for certified applications” and make OFF some features.

AOwL : thank you for answer and for sure, settings i want are very “verbosy” (don’t know if this word mean something … ;)). Ill try to play around a little to find my way :slight_smile:

Wingnut : 2 filtering levels are used by CPF : Application level and Network level. Rules at network level applies for all trafic and rules at application level monitor applications behavior. Application level monitor is ON for me.


Pls attach some snapshots for these repeated popup alerts.

You may also get an alert if there’s a new component DLL or if OLE Automation was occuring.