Learn More/Linking to Help

I know this is probably pretty petty, but…when a link to your help section is provided, it would be WAY cool if it linked directly to the pertinent section of the help file (like Firefox does) so folks don’t have to waste time hunting for the appropriate section.

I really liked CID when I first saw it last week (and it is the coolest named browser EVER), but every single time I’ve clicked something that I thought was going to take me right to the correct section, all I get is the main help page and honestly, that is as far as I go…I’ve closed and switched browsers every single time because of this. Perhaps I’m just easily annoyed, or simply getting too old and easily frustrated…but wanted to put in my $.02.

As an example, on the Content page in Options, there is a “Learn More” link; in Firefox clicking link takes one directly to DRM/Contents section of help, CID just takes ya to the main Help page.

Thanks for lettin’ me vent!