"Leaktest" who do I believe?

I installed the latest version of Comodo and it’s update to make it

When I go to grc.com I can pass the leaktest no problem. But yet when I go to pcflank.com the leaktest fails everytime no matter what settings I use.

I have a friend who uses Comodo and his passes the tests at BOTH sites! What’s up with that?

Looks like maybe I haven’t found the right combination of settings to work in XP Pro?

Any help appreciated, thank you in advance!


Yah I have Vista 64 bit with AVG and Comodo Firewall on Safe mode and Defense+ on Clean PC mode and the following tests told me that they penetrated the firewall:

DNS tester
PC Flank

Got them from this page.

If you had those tests on your PC before installing the Firewall - Clean PC mode won’t flank them :slight_smile:

Thanks. My Comodo’s been stable for a while. Was bored silly today and came across these tests. Downloaded all the ones on the page that said Vista wouldn’t take care of them. For about half the Comodo square thingy popped up for blocking. The other half (the ones above) either opened a browser window and said they sent info although I couldn’t verify it, and some failed outright with or without a notification popup.

Mainly it’s because Microsoft doesn’t provide enough API for antivirus and firewall makers >:(

yes, commodus has right here, if you had these tests on your hard drive before installing the firewall, than in clean pc mode these files will be considered safe and will have high privileges on the pc…

You can delete these safe settings or modify the settings of the leaktests in computer policy settings…