LeakTest then hijacked..

Ok so ive been using comodo for a lonnng time and never had a problem
Now i discovered the LeakTest and thought it was cool so i ran it…got a 200/340 "/
I eventually upped the score a little by changing some settings but after it seems that i got browser hijacked or something

When i go to google.com or yahoo.com i get redirected to a fake windows live logon screen (when trying to go to google.com) and mediaplex.com (when trying to go to yahoo.com). I deleted my cookies on all the browsers i have installed and everything is seemingly back to normal. I just want to know if you guys could recommend some ways to check my security’s integrity and if running leaktest would actuallly cause any infections or persistent changes to my system.

From where did you download the Leaktest program?

Also follow What to do if you’re infected - eXPerience Rev.3 and report back.