LeakTest issue on firewall after adding to block


I use Comodo Firewall on ‘Custom ruleset’ - I tested it with the firewall leak test from Steve Gibsons grc.com and it gave me the option to allow or block, I chose block, terminate and mark as a false positive (the app) - as it would remove the app completely otherwise, other firewalls do not do this, it would keep the app (hence me marking it as a false positive) but others would let it still ask every-time and my firewall would ask… This is what I wanted, now it runs but says the firewall was penetrated - I marked the app as a FALSE POSITIVE, but this shouldn’t allow it network access - especially since I deleted the rule for it and put it to BLOCK AN APP, and it still runs and says penetrated?


Thanks in advance

Remove the file from the Blocked Applications list on Advanced View and remove the file from the File Ratings list in the settings and delete the file from Quarantine under Advanced Tasks. You might need to restart.