Leak test

I have just d/l comodo, installed it, up dated it and ran the leak test suite, and the pcflank leak test. It failed both, why is that? Why does your product fail its own leak test?

Hello onfire: Well that doesn’t sound right. ???
I’m sure this can be resolved very quickly.
Maybe you could provide some further info. and one of our very fine Moderators will definitely be able to help you. (:KWL)
What version do you have installed on your system? What OS are you running?

Hi there, and thanks for the reply.
I’m using v running on XP home edition. So far I have run 4 or five firewall tests and it has passed with flying colours. I am quiet impressed by it so far ( I wont allow zonealarm on my machine), but am concerned about the leak test failure. I accept that it may be a PEBKAC issue :BNC

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