Leak Test Ranking

Hi, i googled around & i found this site:

Its about leak testing & i dont know why comodo has gotten only 9.5/27 on ranking. ???

Click the ‘View Results’ button at the buttom of that page!

what can you say about that?


The version they used on the leak test was 1.1.005, it is not the most up to date version

I can say this " http://www.matousec.com/projects/windows-personal-firewall-analysis/leak-tests-results.php "! (:NRD)


tnx 4 that info!
btw (L)

np :slight_smile:

enjoy the firewall…


I emailed that website quite some time ago about how the newest version protects against all of those leak test but the head of the site didn’t seem to happy about me asking him to update the info…and i asked him if he took into consideration rather or not a firewall uses Ring3 Hooks and he didnt even know what i was talking about…


Matousec guys are good techies…


oh yes those guys at Matousec are super (:NRD) in a good way that is lol
i was talking about that firewallleaktester site…that THEY didnt know what a Ring3 Hook was