Leak Test Improvements

Hi, just carried out a leak test and got a score of 210/340.

As a new Comodo user, can anyone tell how me how i change default settings in proactive to achieve 340/340 ?



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Did you run it with HIPS or inside the Sandbox?

This is a nice guide.

Getting Accurate Leak Test Results

Ran it with HIPS on but not in Sandbox

Clt will not be recognised so will be sandboxed. That will skew the result. You need to disable the Behaviour Blocker for starters to get it tested with full HIPS.

Thanks Folks.

I have re-run the scan without any Sandboxing of anything and had behaviour blocker disabled. The firewall was set to Safe Mode and HIPS set to Safe Mode.

This time I get a worse score.

Can anyone help to get the protection level somewhere where it should be please.



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Also make sure to follow the guide that was quoted by HeffeD to be sure you’re following the proper procedures for testing.

I just disabled BB, enabled HIPS, then not to make fuss with these popus checked “Don’t show popup alerts” with “Block Requests” for HIPS and FW. Got full 340.

The same 340 for my other PC with XP. There’s only CF. 8)