Leak test fail?

I opened the cpil.exe and, got no notification from the firewall.
It opens IE to my home page.

Is this an error or failure with the firewall?
IE is set as web browser with predefined policy.

I am using CIS 3.5.57173.439

Comodo sould pass the cpil test just fine, “even” with default settings.
There is a error in your setup, I think you have made an allow (remember) rule somewhere, probably in the D+ module (check your computer security policy under D+ > Advanced… check for any trace of CPIL.exe, if found remove). or you could have deactivated the D+ module set it to Safe mode if that is the case, or custom policy. =)

(:HUG) (:HUG)

For further reading about setting up D+ check this somewhat old but still good guide by kyle:


I ran the CPIL and it said I had four vulnerabilities. This is with the “default” settings tweaked to slightly higher security as listed in the guides on the forum…