Leak test Fail plus a little joke at the end

Hi Guys
Just uninstalled CIS 3.14 and installed ver 4. Did the Comodo leak test suite and with sandbox enabled CIS failed miserably. Turned sandbox off and set D+ to paranoid and CIS failed on 2 accounts, Coat and DNS. Can anybody tell me how to fix this and why this happened. I have attached the results. I also have a clean machine as I formatted it on the weekend and started from scratch. I hope the sandbox problem is fixed soon cause why have a sandbox if it screws up the security performance of the rest of the suite. Apart from this little issue all is running well and I am happy with it. Although I reeeeeeeeayly want to get 340/340 in the leak test.
shadha :■■■■

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Here is a joke for you all-

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I get 340/340. Proactive Security, Safe Mode (D+/FW), Windows XP 32 bit.

Here is explained why CIS “fails” with sandbox enabled.

+1 to Jowa’s post +++
and also don’t worry too much about if there are several things wrong with CIS v4… It’s beta! Buggs are to be expected.

The joke was a bit long but still funny :):slight_smile:

Hi JoWa
I understand that it is a beta so I am not to concerned about it as I know that Melih and the team will perfect it. I tried your settings and V4 failed miserably again so tried it back with my settings and again got 320/340. BTW i run an Acer Laptop, AMD 64x 2 (2.1GHz) 4 GB memory 320gb HD and ATI 3200 graphics etc using Windows 7 Ultimate.
It will only get better

Hi shadha,

When you say “failed miserably”, is that with sandbox enabled, and you allow CLT to run with elevated privileges (see attached image)? If sandbox is enabled, you have to manually run CLT in the sandbox, either by right-clicking CLT.exe, or in CIS, Defense+, Sandbox, Run a program in the sandbox.

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