Leak test 123 chaos

I have just ran Comodos own leak tests and on each occasion it displayed confirm or deny box which I clicked deny too (thats not the problem) so after the tests I closed my internet connection waited a while and tried to reconnect a box came up as I pressed the return key to confirm my password so I didn’t see what it said or what I had accidently confirmed then all the icons went except my desktop wallpaper and then everything came back on screen (except a few things). I tried again and it still said that internet explorer was having something try and take over it (this was after I had finsihed the tests) I then started to worry and restarted my computer only to find these entries in my logs.

Has anything bad happened as a result of these leak tests or is it meant to happen, please help as I am worried something bad could have happened :o

edit:my log has forgotten the entries for some reason

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