league of legends and Comodo

Im not sure if this belongs to AV, FW or D+ but i post it in here.

backstory: I have been playing LoL on my “not so new anymore” computer for a good while, but all of a sudden im getting some serious frame drops(down to 3-10fps, from 25)

So i decided to take a look in the “resource monitor” HDD section and saw that cmdagent.exe is doign alot for reading whem im playing. So in a part of my “debugging” i would like comodo to stop careing about all LoL files when im playing. and also “nvd3dum.dll” which “cmdagent.exe” seems to have crush on while gaming.

Where in Comodo ISP whould i go ahead do “fix” this?


I am not quite sure what you mean. Can you post a screenshot of the resource monitor log?

I just want “cmdagent.exe” to NOT do anything with for example,

Is there a place where i can exclude files/folder altogether from Comodo?

FW=safe mode
D+=safe mode

As im not sure if its

  1. Comodo reading/scanning LoL files.
  2. Comodo reading/scanning any files.
  3. Something else.
    that causes my lag spikes what occur randomly for 30-120 sec when im playing. All i know is that Comodo quite active durring this time.

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You can add individual files or folders to the AV exclusions to see if that makes a difference. If that is not helping try adding the .dll file to the Exclusions of Detect shellcode injections (i.e. Buffer overflow protection).

The dll being referenced is “the generic NVIDIA Direct3D driver which handles all DirectX applications” . The first page on Google on a query with nvd3dum.dll gives 5 results where there are issues reported with this .dll.

It may be worth opening a parallel inquiry at the NVIDIA forums as the problem may be on their end.

Looking at this picture below, what exactly is going on from a Comodo perspective? is it really necessary for Comodo to be scanning/reading all files in system32 and what not when im gaming?

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Assuming you have the AV running in the background cmdagent.exe I would think that a program is accessing the system32 folder heavily and CIS is just doing what it is supposed to do. Do you have the CIS AV set to Stateful?