Layout issue

When viewing this website:
The menu across the top is cut short and the last link is forced onto a new line. This does not happen in IE and FF.

Whilst the problem occurs in Standard Chrome too, the menu items still function (they have submenus). But in Dragon, the submenus are not accessible as they disappear before you can click on them.

Clearly there is a web design/chromium issue, but Dragon seems to have an additional problem not present in Google’s Chrome build.


Please make sure you are using the latest Comodo Dragon version (

If you are using the latest version try creating a new user profile in Dragon through the Settings menu: Settings>Users>Add new user.
The new profile uses the default Dragon settings and you can navigate to the web page to check whether the problem is related to cookies, custom settings or any extensions you have installed.


I was using comodo but I had issues with the sidebar…it was extending far right, I switched to a new theme in the meantime. How can I fix this. here’s my page