LaunchPad uninstallation question

Suggestion: Since LaunchPad will not be included in both CAVS and CPF anymore but is difficult to remove even if new versions are installed,why not develop a program like CAVS Uninstall 1.1 to fully remove it?

Latest beta release doesn’t include the installation of LaunchPad.

Latest beta release neither includes Launch Pad nor uninstalls it,so the problem remains unsolved.


It isn’t that hard to remove. If you have a look at,9066.msg66110.html#msg66110

it details how to remove the autostart entries and the progam files.

The only thing I’d add would be to run a registry cleaner after removing programs folder and the autostart entry.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

The only difficulty comes in deleting the LaunchPad file in c:\program files\comodo\launchpad… after you do the start/run/msconfig/start tab deal to remove that autostart entry, you’ll need to reboot. Then you can uninstall and delete the remaining file, and clean the registry. OTherwise the file will still be “in use” and you won’t be able to remove it…