What is “launcher-service.exe”
It is connected to Comodo firewall.
apparently it could be a malware.
Any suggestions???
Thanks Aniccia

As far as I know launcher-service.exe is not related to Comodo firewall. What makes you think it is?

When you check the properties of launcher-service.exe can you find more details about its publisher and function?

Well this application is under >Program files> common files> Comodo> launcher-service.exe

The launcher-service.exe file is part of Comodo GeekBuddy (Service name is CLPSLauncher).
Comodo GeekBuddy is an opt out/in default selection during install.
Check Windows Programs and Features for Comodo GeekBuddy, if present and not required it can be removed without effecting the Comodo Firewall.

I learned something new today. There are various programs using the launcher-service.exe name but missed that one while doing a quick Google search.

While we are learning we are still living, that can only be a good thing. :wink:

It surely is and I welcome such events… :slight_smile: