Launch Pad

Hiya there

I have just downloaded the backup program, on install it installed something called Lauchpad. This was unexpected and unwelcome. Is there amy way to disable it, and just have Backup as an option to launch on its own, im getting weary of programs that install items other than advertised and frankly i expected better of a company that flaunts its security credentials.

Im not saying it does any harm (other than start and use resources), whats worse is that your firewall is configured to allow it acess to the internet (i would have been happier if it had asked permission).

I have unistalled the product imediately and re-imaged my hard drive to just before i installed it just to be on the safe side.

Can we have just the programs instead of adding uneeded and perhaps unwanted additions ??



Please update Comodo Launch Pad to the latest version, then you can right click the system tray icon and click options, there you can disable launch pad at startup.

Comodo Launch Pad will most likely be removed from the next version of Comodo Backup.


Hi, just a note,
Comodo is doing away with launchpad since many didn’t want it, protested, voted it out. The access is allowed since it is basically a part of the Comodo software, but harmless nonetheless.

I did get a chuckle out of this and if you read hear you will see why… you too justin :wink:,3052.msg26935.html#msg26935

Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water… :o


Thanks for those replies

I have updated LP, but that only gives me the option of having LP startup or not (somthing which is easily done by other means), it doasnt allow me to start backup on its own without first using LP, which i guess is what i was after.

Another thing is that you need to install the older LP before updating to the new one, wouldnt it be good to have it as a stand alone download, then if re-installing it would be easier.

Anyways enough of the griping… Any idea when it will be a stand alone program.


I couldn’t say as I haven’t seen any news on this as of yet but they do let us and users know and will let you know the minute I hear anything. “sorry” :’(


Hello Zooburner,

I’m sorry but at this point in time there is no way to access Comodo Backup without using the launch pad, however please understand that the Comodo Launch Pad will be removed from future versions. I do not currently know of any release dates for the next version but I am hoping it will be soon. I will be sure to send you a Personal Message when I find out a release date for the new version of Comodo Backup.