launch pad no longer generates tray icon

I use i-vault which runs through the launch pad. Two processes should be generated: CLPGUI and CLPTray. On Windows startup the CLP application window would open and upon closing it the tray icon would appear. For some reason the the gui closes but the CLPTray icon and process does not start in my administrator account although a I see the CLPtray process in the limited rights users.
Since the only way to control i-vault (and also the launch pad application) is through the tray icon its absence is troublesome.
How can I get the tray icon back?

I think I understand what is happening. The tray icon only appears in the account of the first user to log on to Windows. Therefore if someone else logged on first then I won’t get a tray icon unless I log out the other user. As I am the sole administrator, I do not mind if other users have a tray icon so they can use i-vault as well, but I need it more than the others. So is there a way that the tray icon can appear in each logged on user, or as a poorer alternative, in the administrator account even at the expense of ending the process in the other users?


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