Launch Pad has encountered an error and must close!

When using the Comodo Firewall I keep getting this error on random occasions, “Launch Pad has encountered an error and must close” then lose protection time whilst re-activating it.
It tells me it has a detailed report at 1926_appcompat.txt but there is no way to copy that file as it appears not to exist on my PC.

Snapshots are as follows:-

[attachment deleted by admin]

Sounds like an issue that needs emailing to the support team.

Please include details of your OS and the error.

I was told on another forum by a Comodo employee to post it here - don’t support visit here?

The forums are more a place for other users to help each other. There are people on here from Comodo, but you may receive quicker help contacting support as they know more then end users and should help you get to the bottom of the problem.


Garry, who responded to you is the head of our support team. So support teams keep an eye on this all the time. What Garry wanted was for you to send the relevant details so that he can open a support ticket and get things rolling for you and register this as a bug if it needs to.

So the system worked! you posted here, and our support team helped you straight away. if it is not something the forum members can help, support will help and guide the user thru to a resolution.