Launch Pad & a problem with Spyware doctor

Hi there, I have been having a problem which I feel has to be a false positive, with my spyware doctor finding what it says is “instant access” which they say is a dialer, & it keeps coming up in CLPConfig.exe. I’ve contacted spyware doctor & sent the file but as of yet haven’t heard anything either way. I put CLP.exe in the ignore list but I don’t feel secure. Can’t believe there would be something ugly in Launch pad
Don’t know if anyone else has ever had this or not. I’ve also checked it with online scanners 3 times plus using spybot search & destroy & spysweeper & nothing else is showing anything wrong. Also scanned with my virus software, Avast, everything else has come up clean

Thanks, Shasta
Edited because of error in file I posted earlier


There is no spyware in LaunchPad. It may be an annoying application to some users, but it’s clean. In my experience, some legitimate files/apps are tagged as suspect, sometimes simply because of file names.

Case in point, if you have a registry entry for NirSoft, TrendMicro’s Housecall (online scanner) will say you have a keylogger. I have such an entry, as NirSoft is a company that develops free utilities such as ServiWin (which I use). It obviously has nothing to do with a virus definition, and everything to do with a registry entry.

You may be experiencing something similar. What application of Comodo’s did you install to get LaunchPad?

Are you using the Comodo Firewall?


Hi Little Mac
Thanks for your reply
Yes, I do have comodo firewall & love it. Also I didn’t see launch pad as a nuisance. I was just worried about this file that my spyware doctor was finding & it hadn’t been finding it until recently.
My version of Comodo firewall, is All up to date.
I really thought it was spyware doctor doing a false positive on this particular file, Just wanted to know it FOR SURE so I didn’t turn something loose in my computer if indeed it was for real because as you know, we can’t be too careful these days. Guess you might say I’m gunshy. Don’t want bad stuff :o)
I thank you for your reply & maybe now I will feel secure again. Would you recommend me just totally ignoring as I’ve been doing? I put it in the ignore infection in my spyware doctor.


Spyware doctor probably has done an update of definitions that is causing the issue. I hope they reply to you, so you can have more details from them on it.

Here’s my suggestion, so that you have a better comfort level…

If something is malware, you can be assured that it will contact the internet, and it will probably use another application to do so. You can always Block Launchpad in Comodo firewall’s Application Monitor, or set its contact rule to Ask rather than Allow. Then you can see if it’s trying to connect, and to what site (with Alert Frequency on Medium or higher - Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous).

If I remember correctly, CLP may update a “News” section from Comodo website. If that is the case, you should see an alert for one of their IP addresses. You can safely add a rule to the Application Monitor to allow it access to Comodo IP addresses, leaving your Ask or Block rule for the rest.

If you need/want help with any of that, just ask, and we’ll be glad to help you.


That’d even work?
When you said that, the inability to block the Windows Genuine Advantage Tool from the Vista firewall even after you add it to the “Block” list comes to mind.

Sure, with Comodo it works… You can block any application with Comodo. Or if you set it to Ask, it will prompt you every time (just don’t check “remember” or you’ll create a rule to allow it). This can also be accomplished by removing any rules, and not selecting “Remember” with the prompt, but for some applications that will likely be approved (since they’re on the safelist, such as Outlook Express), by setting the rule to “Ask” you bypass the possibility that it might be approved as a “safe” application.


PS: It should be noted, though, that indiscriminate blocking can cause termination of internet connection…