LauchPad / i-Vault

Have old version of LaunchPad and running i-Vault. It was registered and everything, until this morning , a window poped saying my trial period is over and is asking for my activation code …when I enter it it gives “unknown error” window and # 2146697208 error.

I know that both products are discontinued, but why is it suddenly asking for new key that will not work?

I think you will find that the activation code only lasts a year. But I recently requested an activation code and it worked.
I have another issue though I hate running i-Vault through launch pad. In launch pad settings there is an option not to launch/run Launchpad at windows start-up. But it still autoloads regardless - very annoying. So I run an older standalone version of i-Vault. Don’t know why they discontinued it - best thing they had.