Lauchpad for Comodo

Hello to all

I just downloaded Comodo this evening. When I click on the icon in the tray the lauchpad application window comes up. When I attempt to start the “backup to local/network location” nothing happens. I’ve been clicking on different applications but nothing happens with those either. What am I doing wrong? I don’t understand how to use it. Also in my email box there was a code sent to me. I didn’t use it because it automatically took me to the download page and I downloaded it without the code. Could this be why it is not working properly? Please somebody help me with this. I have very limited computer knowledge. Thanks a bunch. Sincerely, Peter

Hi Peter,

Welcome to the forums. The code that was sent to you in your e-mail is actually the activation code. It grants you a free license to use Comodo for your entire lifetime. Just enter the code into the space provided under the Help >> License Status and you will activate the Comodo BackUp.

Regarding the clicking that won’t work, you can actually open a Comodo program by clicking Show Application Window under the CLP (Comodo Launch Pad). Clicking on a program on the left tab under ‘Your Installed Applications’ only select the program but does not open the program window.

Hope this helps.

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The link that you are trying to click on, well i dont think they work. Those are just a list of available tasks that you can do in that specific comodo application. You will want to click on the Launch Application button that is available in the lower right corner.

yeah and also what doom said