LatestCFP update has stopped Avast from updating.

The last time Avast AV was able to update automatically was the day I downloaded and installed the latest version of CFP.

It is possible I checked something like block instead of allow when Comodo was going through the initial list of programs it complains about.

Looked through menus and did not find where to find and fix.

I have been using CFP for over a year and am generally pretty pleased with it. It does not seem to remember what I have told it is OK, though.

Which OS and CFP version are you using? You can go to firewall/advanced/network security policy and find your rules. To update avast, you should set avast.setup to trusted. Then go to Defense+/advanced/computer security policy and set it to installer or updater there. Or you can just erase all the avast rules in both places and go through the popups again. :slight_smile: