Latest version of CWAF plugin missing bruteforce protection?

Hi all,

I noted that latest version (1.209) of CWAF rules is missing bruteforce ruleset under Catalog card. Is this protection type changed somehow? We tried testing WP bruteforce but didnt get a ip block.

Hi Dusanf,

Thanks for contacting us. We are working on this.

Hi maryprincyedward, thanks for fast reply, can you confirm its removed untill .pag file size management issue gets resolved and will be returned after that is fixed?

Bruteforce ruleset will be available on coming release. FYI we have already reduced most of the cases(.pag). If you have the same issue still now please provide the logs.

Thats awesome, waiting for next release :slight_smile:

We have released new version. Please update.
Latest release: 1.210

All good now, tnx :slight_smile: