Latest Version of Comodo Firewall (stand-alone) for 64-bit Windows 7?

I am getting very frustrated with the Comodo web site, because it offers download links to no less than 5 DIFFERENT INSTALLATION EXECUTABLES for Comodo Firewall, and I have no way of determining which is the best one for me. I am looking for latest version of the stand-alone Comodo Firewall for 64-bit Windows 7. To be especially clear, I am NOT looking for the Internet Security Suite, or for anything bundled with the firewall. Please provide a link to what I’m looking for!

I have found download links on the Comodo web site to the following installation executables for Comodo Firewall:

  1. cmd_fw_installer_10299_79.exe
  2. cmd_fw_installer_6113_c7.exe
  3. cfw_installer_6106_53.exe
  4. cfw_installer_x64.exe
  5. cfw_installer.exe

Thank you

Hi NewPrometheus,

Please download latest Comodo Firewall from here.

Kind Regards,

Thank you, PremJK!

Downloaded from the link provided and says “COMODO Internet Security” 5.32MB

PremJK, do you have any response to what claudiub pointed out above?

when install you can deselect antivitus component it will only install comodo firewall

Thanks for the clarification, kyl! :slight_smile:

Wish I had this information originally… :-\

I hate installers like hell. I already have a tool that downloads from the internet, it’s called a browser. I don’t need many programs, many downloaders for that. For me this is - sorry for the rude words - a real PITA. Another tool that needs internet access, and another one, and another one… This is not required. Sometimes downloaders are extracting downloaders, downloading downloaders, downloading what I really need. This makes me… hmpfgrsn, you know?

But actually I intended to be on-topic by only asking: Why still not provide a full installer? (firewall only)

Rules will be stricter in future. Internet access will only be granted if it’s inevitable. This will sort out software.