Latest Leak Test Result for Comodo Firewall

this is the result of the latest leak test of comodo firewall which i personally conducted on the 22nd of july 2014 , this test was performed on windows 8.1 32 bit operating system fully patched with latest microsoft updates and the version of comodo firewall used was the very latest one that is version 7.0.317799.4142, comodo scored only 140/340 while zone alarm free latest version scored 290/340

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Did you use HIPS or sandbox?

The Comodo leaktest is designed for HIPS, if I remember correctly.

Sanya you are correct. To get accurate results you need to disable the autosandbox(behavior blocker) and make sure clt is not in the unrecognized files list.

Clt was designed to test hips products

hips was set to paranoid mode while autosandbox set to untrusted mode

Please check out Getting Accurate Leak Test Results as there are several intricacies to take into account when testing.