latency high?

I’ve used speed test net & comodo as my surfing in windows 7 has slowed a great deal. Doing similar with xp shows different results any advice welcome. xp on speed test is download 3.01mb/s upload 0.28mb/s ping 63ms - comodo download 298mb/s upload 35mb/s ping 289ms. images are windows 7.

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I have now found two culprits nod32 64bit & my wireless adapter atheros ar5b93. First solution easy install nod 4.2 beta no problems but what do I do with wireless adapter?

PING value depands on the test server.
Try tracert to test server from PC and show us the result.

Some of testing servers don’t give us an exact result for Uploading test.
Also Win7 and XP result are little bit different from each other.
Check the following link.
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Uploading speed and downloading speed must be same, but gives me
stupid result against my uploading speed.
Because the uploading test server thinks my PC attacks them with DDOS attack.
They limit the uploading test speed.;msg327699#msg327699

Please tell us about your system and more details.

This is with nod32 beta which improved my speed test net ping now 66ms. I also used Thesycon’s DPC Latency Checker which suggests my wireless adapter is causing a problem. Win 7 64 bit acer cis nod32 beta

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I have now discovered it’s caused by a windows wireless background service. wlan optimizer sorts it out but does anyone know of a different method to solve this regedit perhaps?

Is there anything in gpedit.msc?

I don’t think you can access gpedit in windows 7 home premium.