I installed HauteSecure on mt PC. Since then I have not updated my def. from July 4th. Is there something wrong?

My last BOC update is from the 10th. Will it update if you try manually?

In fact, it took me a week to get a new update. Just strange!!! Usually, we get updated 2-3X a day!! Like yesterday it updated 10 th of July but today we have nothing. Is there some trouble at BOCLEAN??? (:KWL)

New update today 2008-07-11 13:18:29 odd you are having problems, I usual get one each day if I connect to the internet.

Hi gdiloren :slight_smile:

By default BOClean checks for updates 4 minutes after bootup, but maybe that is too early. Change it to 6 minutes after bootup, and the interval to 6 hours.

Greetz, Red.

I may be Trojan infected 'cause on my other PC (XP Pro)everything is OK and I update normally. Now today July 13th I boothed two times and updated successfully manually but the date shows still July 10Th 14:09:44 even after reloading. I think I’m going to uninstall and then reinstall it. I did it twice. Now I can’t update from the program button, I get a message that Windows Firewall block BOC3UP.exe and I should permit it. I have Comodo 3 Firewall, put it in my allowed programs and still the same message. I still have the July 10TH def… We’ll see. I have also an increase of 50% more of my internet consumption since the whole problem happened. So far, no malwares have been detected and I scanned Malwarebytes, SAS, ST, Avast and have Comodo3Personal firewall. Only thing I see interfering from my firewall events is HauteSecure’s CTPopoup.exe (96ko) blocking BOCLEAN. Is this a Trojan or malware? (:NRD)
PS:I can’t compress it for attachment, I’m refused access!!!
It’s supposed to protect the PC, may be it interferes with BOCLEAN??

Are people on Vista regularly getting their dayly def. update and is Comodo studying this file ctpopup.exe you get installing Hautesecure on your pc from Google safe site. I download any available update but the date doesn’t change like before. ???

HauteSecure’s Ctpopup.exe is interfering with BoClean update install and Adaware scanning. Had to uninstall it in safe mode using Malawarebytes’ file ASSASSIN to get rid of it. Had no answer from HauteSecure to my email. Don’t know what to think. Now BoClean updates normally(the date changed).