large signature download when running update

hello all
the two latest updates i ran,downloaded around 350mb each,
i don’t recall those downloads being that large.

Hi nickfree,

Our last complete base update was v31074 and it was generated on 25-Jun-2019. If you haven’t updated CIS since v31074 then you might get updates around 350 mb’s.
Our current incremental update is v31150. Could you try updating now and check DB version from about in CIS and say if you still faces such issues.

thanks for your reply.
i usually update when i get a reminder from windows(every 3 days?)
right now I’m on 31151 which was fast to download.

i managed to figure out that the large signature download happens when i haven’t checked for updates for 3 days and get a notice from windows about it and then manually update.
this is new behavior i don’t recall happening since the time I’ve been using comodo(quit a few years)and noticed it like a moth ago.
for now I’ve changed the setting to check for database updates every 2 days but i really don’t like having automated stuff running on my pc using bandwidth and resources at an unexpected moment.

Not as far as I know sometimes it can be 14 days or more before I update my partner’s computer, though I am not running the latest release waiting until there is a update available.


Hi nickfree,

Complete base v31218 update was happened two days back, if you have tried updating the database it might have took some time due to complete base along with incremental base update.
Please check the File Rating Database version in about section of CIS, also click on Update and check whether the updates starts from current complete base version v31218 followed by incremental base versions in status of update window.
If possible please share screenshots of about,update windows of CIS.

what i got in about is
product version
database version 31227
i did an update and it was quick,but as i mentioned it happens after i get the windows notice;meaning 3 days.

You can go longer than 3 days before updating the AV db before it downloads the large base db. It more than likely has to do with cavwp hanging or crashing which corrupts the av db to the point the large base needs to be downloaded. Check the ProgramData\Comood\Cis\signatures folder for the presence of more than one .cav file. This is true if cavwp.exe is crashing during the AV update phase. Also if you have any other 3rd party security software installed, they could be interfering with CIS including messing with the AV database to the point it has to re-download the large bases db.

checked that folder and i’ve got a 136kb authroot.stl file,a 417mb .cav file and a 1kb whitelist.json file.
so i guess it must be related to the other issue i’ve got with the cavwp.exe crashing.
(i don’t have another 3rd party security software and windows defender+firewall are shut down)