Large emails never seem to arrive

Since summer this year I decided to move to the desktop tools of Comodo. One of the challenges finding resolutions for problems is to search for it through forums and knowledgebases. At the same token: getting support from vendors who sell commerical products ain’t easy either. My experience with Symantec and Panda Software in the situation of nasty problems has always been: uninstall your software and reinstall. This never solved my problem. (L)

Recently I tried to submit an email with a 6 to 7 Mb attachment. It never worked so I had to troubleshoot. With the Comodo Firewall application ‘connections’ information I learned that CavEmSrv started multiple times. Then I digged into timeout issues with Outlook 2003 (the client I use) and learned that setting the server timeout to long (10minutes) solved my issue!

So the lesson is: check your email server timeout settings!

In troubleshooting I learned that setting email scan (Antivirus) not to check outgoing messages does not seem to work. CavEmSrv just continues to scan outgoing mail even when restarting the Comodo Antivirus application. This is a bit strange.

I just did a search for the problem that I am having, and this topic came up. While it’s very close to my issue in that it deals with large attachments, it’s not that they don’t send…
First off I am runnin XP Pro, Outlook 2007, and CAV, and AT&T DSL.
I also run Comodo Firewall ver

When I try to send large"large" attachments (anything of 3mb), the email “seems” to get stuck in the out box and continues to send.
I have had this happen both times. So I left it to send. I came back a couple hours later, and it still seems to be stuck so I cancel. Only to get a reply email back fromt he recipient that they received the email no less than 100 times.

I tried turning off the outgoing scanner, but it still happens. I am going to put the server timeout to 10minutes and see if that fixes my particular problem.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

I am also having a similar problem where i leave to send but doesn’t appear to leave out box. the email scan window seems stuck about 80% then after about 30 mins or so it starts again. even with outgoing scan disabled it still scans.

it only seems to do this with files 2mb or over. i don’t think they are sending 100 times well not that i have heard anyway.

i am using the same versions of firewall and cavs as the previous poster. also outlook 2007.

any ideas on this would be great as it is annoying



CAVS 3 awaits us. Please be patient for the next, outstanding release!!