laptop keyboard PROBLEM

Morning everybody, now here’s a problem…well not so much a problem more an annoyance!!
This is quite long winded but please be patient. I’ll try and abbreviate as much as possible.

Formatted the hard drive to re install XP…done
XP set up is running and we now get to 33 minutes remaining. the next window is “regional setup” where you choose which keyboard (us or uk)…done
Next window “account name”. This is where the problem starts as I now need to insert a name via the keyboard. Unfortunately the keyboard won’t respond as it should ie, “M” = enter, backspace goes forward and alt gr + a letter = a greek letter(á) so I use this greek á as my account name and press m (enter) to go to next window.
This window is for the licence key, again needs keyboard input…bollocks!!
Clicking all the keys in all sorts of combinations all of a sudden allows me to type normally allowing me to insert the licence key…WOOOO HOOOO.
HANG ON THOUGH, we haven’t got to the best bit yet.
So, ok windows is now up and running and I’m on the desktop. I open notepad and type…nothing!!
Keyboard doesn’t work. However, if I open another account (again using the greek áá as a username), which I now have to log out of the first account to enter, I can then open notepad in the new account and using the same keyboard, type anything normally. Remember I couldn’t type anything in the original first account but can type in the new account.
I then log out of the new account and open the first account, open notepad again, type a couple of letters (which for some unknown reason I can now), close notepad without saving it and then carry on the rest of the day using account 1. For some reason the keyboard is now working as it should in the first account.
Now then, if I install a program which requires a restart, I then have to go through the whole routine (as above) again.

Does anyone know what could be causing this problem? Like I said it isn’t a problem as much but more of an annoyance.


Is this a laptop? Does the keyboard seem to work normally in the BIOS set-up? Does the BIOS have a language setting and, if so, is it correct?

Hi Kail.

  1. yes, it is an Acer Extesa 5235 laptop
  2. It works in the Bios setup as far as using up, down, left, right and enter. I have never needed to use the other keys.
  3. I have never seen a language setting in bios and wouldn’t know where to look for it, so I don’t know if there is one, if it’s correct or not.
    Where would it be in the bios?


Any BIOS setting (if it has one) with regards to language would usually be on the first page of the BIOS and be fairly obvious.

Was the version of XP (32bit?) you installed the one that came with the laptop or something else?

Did you re-install the drivers for the laptop after reinstalling XP?

Are you able to try an external keyboard?

  1. in that case then, there is no language setting
  2. originally this laptop had windows 7 Pro, Natl. academic installed on it, but when it crashed Acer didn’t want to know, so I installed a legit XP with licence no. on it.
  3. I then downloaded all the drivers for this laptop directly from Acer site and installed them all. Downloaded all the updates from Microsoft and everything works fine.
  4. Using an external keyboard makes no difference.


There’s still the same problem with an external keyboard? Was the version of XP you installed off a CD or was it downloaded?

Your previous W7 key would still be valid though… even with the academic/student version. Did Acer not supply a W7 DVD or key?

  1. Yep, external keyboard has the same functions as the laptop keyboard.
  2. XP was installed off a CD…XP Home Edition bought from Comet. I then made a copy and added the SP3 file to it. I have used this moded disc on another PC I have and had no problems at all. using it on the laptop it comes up with this keyboard issue. Oh yeh, just another point, I used the same moded disc on my lads laptop and again it works perfectly.
  3. The original COA is on the bottom of the laptop but we didn’t get a bootable disk with it. When I asked Acer for a disk they said they didn’t supply one and that I should go back to where I bought the laptop and get one from them…Comet, who have now shut down. Got back in touch with Acer, told them that I got it from Comet who no longer exist, and they told me there was nothing they could do.
    Here’s a question…would installing a normal copy of windows 7 and using the licence no. on the COA, work?


Sorry, I’m at a loss with regards to the keyboard issue currently.

I think that you might need W7 Pro (as per the key), but yes I believe it would work. The key (which you own) should still be valid, there’s no reason for it not to be.

Cheers Kail for taking a look at this for me, much appreciated. I’m going to have a look for a version of 7 pro and give it a go. If it fails then I know I can revert back to XP (with probs). ;D



Sent you a couple PM’s with regards to W7 Pro.

There seems to be more to this than first thought. Let me explain…

Laptop in question is an Acer Extensa 5235 and had Windows 7 Pro Natl. Academic OA O/S on it. This is one of those free laptops offered to pupils with parents on low income. The O/S had a lot of functions made unavailable (kids laptop). I have read on other sites that you can’t just install a copy of normal windows 7, it needs to be this Academic thing…not sure how true that is because I can install XP with no problems apart from the keyboard issue but there again I’m not sure whether that’s an O/S problem or laptop problem, maybe a motherboard related thing :-\ :-\ :-\

The other problem is that when I get a copy of W 7 it will need a licence key, but the only thing I have related to W 7 is a small label on the underside of the laptop and even that doesn’t have a licence key like XP has. Might have to fork out for a new W 7 disc with licence no. >:( >:(


I’m not entirely sure there is such a thing as a “special” W7 version that has had functions removed specifically for academic versions. MS has been using MSDNAA (MSDN Academic Alliance) for many years now & they are all standard OS versions AFAIK. But, I’ll check this & get back to you.

edit: Ah… OK sorry, I didn’t realise that the label on the laptop didn’t have a key.

I have added a photo of the label. I know it’s a bit blurred but I’m not sure how much of the label I’m allowed to show 88)

[attachment deleted by admin]

It certainly doesn’t look like that any blur that is long enough to be a W7 product key (5 groups of 5 alphanumeric characters separated by hyphens).