Laptop 100% Computer Usage


I’m having a serious problem with my laptop. Recently I dropped my laptop down about 2 stairs, and immediately I turned it on, and I had a huge relief noticing that it was working perfectly, internet worked, and it just ran great. So two hours later I turned it on because of some work I had to do, it turned on great, all processes loaded fast but for some reason anything I try to load games/internet or just ANYTHING doesn’t load, and sometimes like 1 out of every 70 start ups mozilla firefox, or anything else will load.

I was able to get Task Manager up after waiting 15 minutes and I noticed it is 100% computer usage, and everything just runs like crap. Did dropping the laptop damage something that would make the laptop run at 100% computer usage?

I am 100% positive it is “not” a Trojan, or hack because I just bought it yesterday, and have not downloaded anything but Firefox.

Thank you!

Do you have Comodo Internet Security installed?

If so you may be having an issue with a glitch from yesterday. Check this out for example: