You test a lot of products. I too do my own little tests. Just want to share & know your thoughts too.

Recently I tested & compared quite a few products free/paid. The test was especially to see where Comodo AV stands as always here in my tests it performed very good but in testing organizations tests it mostly performs not that good. So this time I tested & compared Comodo AV with other top paid AV’s too.

The test includes manual scan i.e right click scan & realtime i.e on execution. And the test was against products signatures, heuristics, behaviour blockers & cloud, no HIPS & sandbox, as I just wanted to see the detection. And I also enabled PUP in other products if it was not enabled as Comodo AV has PUP enabled by default.

In the tests Comodo AV was mostly on position 1 or 2 & few times 3 or 4 with few differences like 5-6 malware. I tested with zeroday malware from 30 - 300 on real system i.e no VMWare, XP SP3 32 Bits Eng.

Bitdefender, Kaspersky, DrWeb, Emsisoft, Eset, etc mostly gets high score at testing organizations where Comodo is not that good. But in my tests Comodo most of the time beat them all. And I am sure in your comaparison tests too you would have seen Comodo most of the time beats most of the top products, right? So whats your thoughts? why Comodo is not that good in testing organizations tests? I find Comodo AV very very underrated in the testing organizations tests. And want to know if in your tests you too find Comodo AV most of the time beats most of the top products free/paid like in my tests?