Language translation problem


some versions before, i was able to translate a webpage in russian/georgian etc to english.

Since now some weeks/months, its not longer possible, because the “translate to english” is grey.

I have tried to install in Dragon also russian/georgian, but doesnt solve the problem.

Any idea/addon that brings me the easy way back to translate a russian/georgian site into english?

Thx for your info.


Please add a screenshot of the issue and the message.

Thank you.

A screenshot from a grey right-mouseclick-menu point?

Are u kidding me? :wink:

Language translation problem
The staff would like a screen shot if your willing to do so, so they can see what your seeing on your screen

Its just going to the place where your having the issue and hit the “ALT” and “Print Sceen” buttons at the same time

Open up “paint” from the start menu

Click on “edit” then "click on “paste”

Click on “save as” and under save as type, click on “gif”

Then upload it here

If you’re using Windows 7 you can simply access the snipping tool via your start menu and typing it into the search box.