"LAN Management" module?

This archived thread: https://forums.comodo.com/empty-t21861.0.html;msg159939 includes a mention of a “LAN Management” module:

The centralised downloading and distribution of updates will hopefully be included in the LAN Manangement module due out sometime this year. Elimination of multiple update downloads was one of the first reasons this product was suggested, along with ensuring consistency.

That was May 2008.

Has such a thing been released? Is Comodo still working on it? Under a different name perhaps? It sounds very useful…

I think it turned into this enterprise thing, honestly don’t know if some home free adaptation.



Oh, thanks. Does anyone know of something like this from Comodo for smallish home networks? Maybe in the pipeline?

CESM can work with both large Windows Server based networks and with home workgroup based LANS.

Please note hte current version does not support CIS monitoring and distribution, only the outdated CFP. The next release of CESM (due shortly) will support the current version of CIS.

Ewen :slight_smile: