Lack of response or help with Comodo Time Machine

I did like Comodo Time Machine until it completely took over my laptop. I posted on this forum to try to get assistance so I did not have to format my drive…that was on May 21. As of today, I don’t even have an acknowledgement that anyone is even looking at my issue.

Sorry jsinbolton,

While the developers do read the forums, the majority of the free support is from users in the community. If a user doesn’t know the answer to your problem, they will most likely not respond.

That said, currently the development of CTM is on a hiatus. As such, it is very likely that the developers don’t check the forum for CTM issues very frequently.

The reply you had for your topic by james321888 is unfortunately right… :-\

This type of restore programs has its pitfalls. Because it stores data hidden for the OS it is not possible to retrieve it after CTM misbehaved like in your case. Rebuilding the MBR is then the only solution. In that case you go back to the baseline snapshot. In 2.9 (beta) that is the last snapshot (hardly any loss of data) or in 2.8 the baseline is the oldest snapshot (lot’s of data lost).