Lack of response from "Sales" doesn't speak well for the products

Mid-afternoon Monday (UK time) I asked Sales two simple questions.

It is now Wednesday evening (UK time) and I have not received an answer or an acknowledgement.

I wonder if this says something about the entire organization?

Maybe it does maybe it doesn’t

what did you ask?


Over the weekend I DL the firewall but then looked at my Zone Alarm and it doesn’t expire until November.

Can I keep the DL files until November and then install them? In other words, will they still work?

Now I am anxious to see how your FW performs and would prefer not to wait several months.

When you say ZA must be uninstalled I'm a bit torn. I've click thousands of times to train ZA and if I prefer it to your FW I don't want to lose the benefits of my training. Would removing ZA from the startup list and zipping the folder satisfy Comodo's firewall?



No wonder the sales people did not respond! There is nothing to sell :slight_smile:
Your question should have been addressed to support or even come to our forums.
Well if you are not ready, don’t rush. Wait and come back in November or whenever you are ready and download our product and use it then. Don’t worry it will be free!


Man, your reply tickle my ribs. Haha.

Anyway, Knot2Brite don’t worry about the downloading Comodo and keeping it in a safekeep in your PC. Comodo will always be free for personal desktop and that is the promise of Comodo’s CEO, Melih to us. My suggestion to you as for your current situation is that just ignore CPF for the time being and use ZA until your subscription expires. By November, I believe CPF would be much better than it is now.

One more thing that I would like to add that, once you tasted a good and free product like CPF, it is very very unlikely that you will go back to ZA. As for your e-mail to Comodo, I can understand your feeling. I have sent them an e-mail before and it took them a few days to reply. I would not say that Comodo have a terrible e-mail support, they are fine IMHO but not excellent. However, not to worry, if you have any enquiries, pop into this forum first. I am sure that someone will reply to your post in about a day or two at most. If there is no reply to your post, you can shoot Melih. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yours truly,