lack of inter product advice

I don’t know about you, but when I run system cleaner and clean everything using the various options it all seems good - but then if i immediately run Cloud Scanner it identifies 1200+ junk files and loads of other issues that system cleaner did not clean even after a reboot. And all issues developed while fully protected by Comodo products installed into a clean system.
The cloud scanner just scans and provides (a far a I can see) no advice or cleaning facility and is just a means of obtaining online advice which I don’t want to spend time on. So I know there are problems but have not been told what Comodo product (if any) will clean my system. So back to topic - why not improve system cleaner so that if cloud scanner is run immediately afterwards there will be zero problems or at least very few.
Even by protecting a clean system in true comodo spirit these errors are “identified”, not repaired, and it appears that they are used as a marketing hook to encourage the use of on-line help. I there a simple .pdf flowchart style document that provides recommended approaches using comodo products? How many should we have installed?

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